Philosophy, Concept & Image

Our Philosophy

Scent is our signature. One that tells the world who we are and reminds us how we want to feel. All with natural ingredients at the core. Fragrance is a sensory experience for every client regardless of age, gender and nationality.

We believe that fine perfumery is an art form and we need to study and analyze in order to understand it and to deliver best scents.

Our Concept

Unique and long lasting fragrances
Trendy, rich and elite concept packaging design

Our Image

Anfas Alkhaleej promotes appreciation and understanding of fragrance as an art form. The company ensures that every client of different age, gender and nationality with different taste for luxurious perfumes will be magically attracted and delighted by unique shapes, colors and smells.

Realm of Scent... Scent is our Signature

Every detail in Anfas Alkhaleej has been designed to meet each client’s expectations. From colors, shapes and scents – all have undergone deep understanding and thinking of our professionals. We are dedicated in providing every scent that will match each one’s personality.